Tablist Student

  So for about 2 years now I been trying to learn how to mix on turntables. I find it very therapeutic, I'm totally addicted to mixing music. I suck at scratching which I am learning slowly, I have tons of turntablist homies so I don't give a shit if I suckat it, its a learning process. Since the early 90's I've always had access to good music through Dj friends and I always wanted to spin but you had to have dough to afford the equipment so I stuck to Graffiti, dancing and emceeing which I love but my love for music have grown so much since being a teenager and I always got compliments for my music taste. 

  So its been really cool getting into it, I do collect vinyl too and have a few crates filled with mostly classic golden era hiphop, funk and soul. I mostly have digital music and the accessibility to pull music out and play them drag and drop is convenient and fun. I do not consider myself a DJ at all, I just like spinning music at home or for friends during our BBQs and of recent live online for training, its a good way to play music knowing people are listening and watching it gets me comfortable at the tables. I wish I had more time to study at it but I do get my time in, it has been great for relaxing and stress relief lol. 

  I enjoy the learning process and the advice I get from my DJ homies, one day I'll be comfortable to take small gigs....I have been asked and I turned down everyone haha. In November during Designer Con in Pasadena I will be posted at my booth, I'll be rocking some music from my tables and will have a MFDOOM mixtape that comes with my WOESVILLAIN print=) It will be my first Mixtape to drop to the public, looking forward to spinning there. In December I'll be spinning at our art show with my crew SNDLOT during art basel, more info to come when the time draws near. So until then I'll keep on practicing and maybe one day down to session with some of y'all experienced DJ's. Much respects!


(I'm getting some Techniques built for me as we speak but looking for a new Mixer.

I want a Rane Sixty-Two mixer, I'm down for trade art works or to pay, or both hit me up if anyone knows of one available.)


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